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Commitment Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. You will be able to share with each other your true feelings and declare your commitment to each other before your loved ones and friends.

To make this even more memorable, there are many special rituals that can be incorporated into the ceremony. Lucille has a selection of special ceremonies and vows that you can include as part of your marriage service.

From gift exchanges, special promises, and cultural traditions, here are just a few examples of beautiful ceremonial additions:

During the Rose Ceremony, you may exchange your first gift as a married couple. While couples may select any meaningful item, the rose is a traditional symbol of lasting love. The rose acts as a reminder that love needs mutual nurturing to reach its true beauty.

Brides can pay homage to their parents by presenting A Daughter's Wedding Day Tribute. As part of this tribute, the Bride promises to bring a new love into her life and maintain the love she feels for her family.

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a traditional wedding event. Because you are using candles this is not recommended for an outdoor event. During the ceremony both of your mothers  light candles that stand on each side of the Unity(center) Candle. These lit candles represent your separate lives, families and experiences before the wedding. After your vows but before you exchange rings each of you take a candle and together light the Unity Candle, uniting families and experiences into one. 

Unity Candle Ceremony


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