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Sharing of Drinks

Usually the drink that is shared is wine. There are many variations of the sharing of drinks. You can use your imagination or follow some of the suggestions below:

Two glasses of wine are poured. The couple drinks while their arms are interlocked. I need to warn you that this can be tricky so you really need to practice it prior to the ceromony.

A Jewish ceremony calls for drinking the wine, wrapping the empty glass in a cloth and crushing it under your feet.

An interesting ceremony is when a glass of white wine and a glass of red wine is poured. Each of you will take a sip from both glasses before pouring them into a larger wine glass. The combination results in a rosé color which symbolizes the blending of your hearts together to become one. You can carry on the rosé theme to your reception and serve a rosé wine.

 Sharing of Drinks Ceremony

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